SEO 101: Using Images to Improve SEO

If you do a Google search for, example, “Wayne Rooney” it’s interesting to see which information Google chooses to display on page one of their search results:

1. Top rankings are given to Google News articles be it from the BBC, national newspaper (Guardian, Timesonline, Telegraph etc) or online portals such as Yahoo sport.

– You can choose to publish your press releases using an subscription based online newswire service such as PRWire, RealWire or Pressroom.

– And there are free to use newswire services paid for with PPC advertising such as free-press-release, freepressindex and openpr

– But if you can get your story published by a regional or national newspaper then you’ve cracked it!

Please be aware of the old adage that “yesterday’s news is chip paper”: Google News has a very short shelf life, so it may not be an appropriate channel for many B2B businesses in improving your SEO.

2. Google ranks Video very highly, so if you are not already embracing multimedia to communicate with your audience, then you need to start thinking about using YouTube videos as an important weapon within your SEO armoury.

3. Google Images are also right up there, illustrating the impact an image can have on SEO, providing it is relevant, has a good description and is correctly tagged for keywords.

I have been experimenting with using the popular Flickr service to improve SEO for a commercial online shopping site and am not convinced! I got my knuckles wrapped when including a link to an commercial e-commerce site from a Flickr Gallery:

“Don’t Use Flickr for Commercial Purposes Flickr is for personal use only. If you sell products, services or yourself through your photostream, we will terminate your account. Any other commercial use of Flickr, Flickr technologies (including APIs, Flickrmail, etc), or Flickr accounts must be approved by Flickr.”

Clearly Flickr doesn’t want it’s excellent service sullied by commercial interests… I didn’t try the alternative service, PhotoBucket, as I expect they have a similar policy.

So I decided to create an image gallery on my own website from the “Links” page which I optimised for SEO:

I ensured each image is optimised for SEO by ensuring (1) the image filename contains targeted keywords (2) I used all the html tags to ensure clear and accurate descriptions using html “title” and “alt” tags and (3) I included a target link into the online shopping site from each image.

Attractive design and usability should never be sacrificed to SEO so I also included a javascript based gallery feature which I selected from The popup feature image also includes an inbound deep link to the product description page on the online shopping site which will also great for SEO.

So in summary, my advice, year to date is to have your image gallery built into your own website, ensuring it uses good design, has targeted descriptions and clear html markup to get your images into Google Images.

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