The Best Grand Canyon Sunset Helicopter Tours

People from all over the world flock to the Grand Canyon to soak up its amazing beauty, and it should be on your list of must-see sights too. While there are a lot of fun tours you can take, one of the most spectacular ones is the helicopter tour that flies at sunset. These tours depart from Tusayan, AZ and from Vegas, but since they are extremely popular with tourists, you want to book your tour ahead of time.

One advantage of booking a Vegas helicopter tour is you can book an air-only tour or one that lands at the canyon. The flight to the canyon takes a scenic path that flies you over Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. If you take a landing tour, your helicopter will land on the floor of the canyon or on top of the rim, but if you opt for an air-only tour, your chopper will circle the West Rim and head on back to Las Vegas without landing at the canyon.

The landing tours are the best choice if you have the time and money. How come? Because you’ll get to experience the canyon up close as well as from the air. One of the fun tours you can take descends to the canyon floor where you can get out and kayaking kauai toast your trip with a fun champagne picnic that awaits you. Sunset is the perfect time to be on the bottom of the canyon because you can watch the massive canyon walls become swallowed by moving shadows.

You’ll get to pick between a basic or deluxe helicopter tour when you go to the Grand Canyon. The basic tours lift off from the suburbs in Boulder City, but the deluxe tour version takes off right in Vegas from the famed Strip. When you buy a deluxe tour you also get an aerial view of Vegas since your chopper lifts off and lands on the Strip, plus you also get free transportation to the helipad in a limousine.

When you book a sunset tour of the Grand Canyon, you’ll head back to Vegas after the sun has set. You’ll have a unique view of the city lights as night falls on the Vegas resorts. The resorts are beautiful from the air, including the impressive Stratosphere Tower and the amazing Luxor Pyramid.

The deluxe tours all fly on the EcoStar 130 choppers. These choppers are made for sightseeing, so they have wraparound windows that offer the best views possible. The bucket seats are comfy and situated so everyone has a good view, plus the cabin is extra roomy. It is worth the extra cost to get to ride in one of these advanced choppers.

The main gates to the Grand Canyon National Park are near the South Rim in Tusayan, Arizona. There is an airport located in Tusayan, and it is the departure point for South Rim tours. The Grand Canyon helicopters here give you 30 or 50 minutes of air time. You can take a sunset flight here too, just book the last flight of the day. You’ll want to buy this tour at least two weeks in advance because they fill up fast and often sell out in advance.

The 50-minute tour is the best choice if you can spare that much time. You’ll have to pay more for the longer tour, but it’s worth it since it flies over 75 percent of the national park. Since the Grand Canyon National Park contains more than a million acres of pristine wilderness lands, you’ll see many amazing sights on the tour.